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Proper preparation and submission within the indicated period of time is a prerequisite for participation. Only bottled wines that are legally sold in retail stores are eligible for participation in the competition. The privately owned wineries and cooperatives that wish to take part in the competition must present all the wines they want from their range together with the participation forms properly filled in. The samples must be delivered to the Secretariat of the competition at the responsibility and diligence of the participant and within the period that is provided.


1st Stage

Each group of wines is tasted by a table of 7 judges. The wines at this stage are evaluated by each taster as being worthy of continuing or not to the next stage. If at least 4 judges find that the wine is worthy of continuing, then the entire table must grade it. The best and the worst grades will be deducted, and the wine will be awarded the average grade of the 5 other judges and pass on to the 2nd stage.

2nd  Stage

The wines are grouped again (if their number allows it) and are tasted a 2nd time, by different groups if that is possible. The wines are graded again by all 7 judges. The best and the worst grades will be deducted, and the wine will be awarded the average grade of the 5 other judges. The grades of the 1st and 2nd stage will be summed up, and the further course of the wine will depend on that sum.

3rd  Stage

The 5 first wines of each category will be tasted by all the judges without taking into consideration the grades given up to this point. They will classify them without grading them, by simply giving a 5 to the best and a 1 to the worst, in their opinion, wine. The wines with the 3 highest grades will receive the following distinctions:


Best Winery

The winery whose wines get the highest average grade after the 2nd stage will be awarded in this category. For this award, the average of the 3 best wines of each winery will be taken into account. Wineries participating in the competition with fewer than 3 wines are not eligible to be awarded in this category.

Wine & Spirits Awards:

  • GOLD Olymp Award, wine & spirits with ratings of 89% or more
  • SILVER Olymp Award, wine & spirits with ratings between 77% and 88%
  • BRONZE Olymp Award, wine & spirits with ratings between 65% and 76%

Panel of judges-evaluators

The products are tasted by a large panel of judges:

Ευαγγελία ΣωτηροπούλουEvagelia Sotiropoulou

Έφη ΡήγουEfi Rigou

Stefanos Kogias

Anastasios Triantafyllou

Giannis Papadimitrakopoulos

Nikolas Giannopoulos Dip WSET

Chrysa Giatra

Dr Jose Vouillamoz

Marianna Makrygianni Dip WSET

Simos Georgopoulos

Τzela Vekiou

Apostolos Plahouras

Εvangelos Psofidis

Denny Kallivoka

Aris Sklavenitis

Dimitris Kyritsis

Vaso Koutsovoulou

Alexandra Gisli

Why to participate?

The Award is a reliable sign of superior quality, which can be used both in the domestic and in export markets. Oenologists, sommeliers, wine journalists, wine masters are opinion leaders. Their approval enhances your negotiating power in transactions with distributors, suppliers and retailers. Being able to advertise a certified superior flavour has a proven positive effect on sales. By winning the award for your products, you are maximising your marketing actions across the globe.

Cost of participation

The cost of participation per company including max 4 items for example: white wine, red wine… is (4 items X €45=) €180 + VAT= €223,2. If you are participating with more than 4 products the cost is €50 + VAT for every product after the 4th one.

How to participate

You can send your application online by clicking here